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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Primary World

693-470 (1512 Diaspora X110750-7): Red Zone

In 923, a mysterious plague wiped out half of the persons living on this planet, then known as Gretus.

The disease was never isolated, although the Imperial Navy's rapid move to interdict the world was seen as an attempt to cover up a failed biowarfare experiment.

The survivors of the plague are non-symptomatic carriers of the causative virus. They had rebuilt their society to TL 7 when the Rebellion disrupted their efforts.

Solomani attacks have damaged their solar power facilities; the inhabitants scramble to make repairs. Other industries have waned and fallen by the wayside as the constant effort to control the war damage drains competent workers away from other sectors of society.

Although some Solomani fighter pilots are rumored to have crashlanded here, and not contracted the plague-virus, there is no solid confirmation of these accounts.

Travellers make contact with the natives of 693-470 at their own considerable risk.

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