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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Ael Yael

Ael Yael


Intelligent minor race native to the world of Jaeyelya (Vipach / Gushemege 0437), descended from flying arboreal hexapods. Adults stand about 1.5 metres tall, and mass approximately 50 kilograms. Their forelimbs have evolved from gliding surfaces to quite servicable wings, spanning about 4 metres. Their pair of midlimbs are used for manipulating objects. Ael Yael eyesight is slightly better than that of a human. Their visual range extends into the infra-red, giving them good night vision; while a light-sensitive lens pigmentation keeps them from being dazzled by harsh sunlight, or brilliantly reflective surfaces. The combination of low gravity and dense atmosphere on their homeworld permits them to fly. Some Ael Yael colonies still exist in the vanishing forests of the planet, but most inhabit the caves and fractured cliff-top rocks that overlook Hi-yayahu lae (the Glittering Floor). There are probably less than a million Ael on Jaeyelya.

Ref: JTAS-15, 1109