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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Afinajo Fungus

The afinajo fungus, native to Buagki (1112 Corridor), reproduces by means of minute spores. The spores act as a powerful psychotropic agent on both Humans and Vargr. Results are unpredictable and highly dependent upon the individual.

Afinajo spores have been put to many uses. SuSAG LIC is currently attempting to synthesize a variant of the fungus' psychoactive compound. The Megacorporation's goal is to produce a drug to combat mental illness.

Military agencies are rumored to use afinajo fungi in biological warfare. Illegal 'najo inhalers have been used for decades, to the annoyance of Sector law enforcement personnel.

The Travellers' Aid Society found afinajo spores sufficiently dangerous to declare Buagki an Amber Zone.