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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Minor Race

These plantlike neighbors of the Aslan are powerful psionics. Fortunately, they are a highly ethical and peaceful race; the very concept of "private property" is difficult for them to understand.

Few travelers from the Imperium have met these creatures, as the system lies on the Aslan side of the Great Rift. As a peaceful and accomplished race which possesses strong psionic abilities and uses them extensively, they would present a serious challenge for Imperial diplomats!

Ahetaowa are shaped like tapered cylinders. A mature individual has a height between 9m and 11m and masses a bit over half a tonne. The "trunk" of an adult is about 60cm in diameter at the base, and is quite flexible. It is green or bluish-green in color due to the photosynthetic and circulating copper-based respiratory pigments, and is covered with thousands of small whitish-grey cilia. The cilia have sensory, feeding, manipulative, and reproductive funcuons.

The Aslan Seieakh clan contacted the Ahetaowa and favorable trade relations were soon established; the current starport was completed by 801.

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