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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Minor Race (Humaniti)

Intelligent minor race of humaniti, native to Answerin (0431 Vland).

Their world orbits a close binary system of a G0 V and an A7 II star, whose combined ultraviolet light has stimulated melanin production in the race. All Answerin have dark brown or black skin tones.

Hair is likewise dark, with wavy hair being the most common. To protect their eyes from the twin suns, the Answerin have evolved slight epicanthic folds. In some individuals, these folds give an almost squinting appearance, while others could best be described as looking sleepy.

The lower gravity of Answerin has made the humans there taller than most others. Average height is about 1.9m tall and they weigh about 75kg. They are fully interfertile with most other human races, but prefer to marry amoung their own kind.

Cross-breeding does not usually occur. The offspring of any cross-racial matchings results in little or no genetic blending - the child is either fully Answerin or will resemble the other parent's race.

Answerin is a hot world, and the humans there have adapted their circadian rhythms to a more nocturnal existence. The local day is 25 hours long, which is generally divided into eight hours of sleep during the day, nine hours of work during the evening, and eight more hours of rest at night.

Through time, the Answerin have evolved an aptitude for night vision that is superior to other humans; they can see clearly for 5 metres in the dark. Other senses are about average for humans in most respects.

The Answerin have developed an almost strictly vegetarian diet due to a shortage of highly developed animals on their homeworld. They are not militaristic or chauvinistic about their vegetarianism as are the K'kree; they are merely unused to eating meat and thus prefer a vegetarian diet.

The native plant life of Answerin possesses a compatable biochemistry with humans, so there is no need for any extensive food preparation.

The Answerin believe in the ability of the human mind to overcome physical difficulties. Pain and fatigue result from a laxity of the mind, and anyone is capable of overcoming merely physical ills. By conquering the frontiers of the human psyche, the Answerin believe they will be better able to master themselves physically, and with that mastery comes freedom from the physical.

Fear is looked on as a disease of the mind, which must be eradicated to better the human condition.

The Answerin are renown for their fighting skills. This renown goes back to the days of the Vilani Ziru Sirka when the Answerin were used as shock troops and marines. Their skill is partly due to their rejection of fear and its resultant weaknesses, but it rumoured to have a physiological basis.

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