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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Aslan Hierate

Interstellar, multisector government of the many Aslan clans. Aslan society centers on the clan. Within the Hierate, the family structure of the Aslan and the governmental structure are the same. The highest governmental functions are performed by a council of twenty-nine clan leaders chosen from amongst the most powerful clans.

"The 29" (as they are called) have quasireligious status and represent the essential unity of the Aslan race. To be chosen one of the "the 29" is the highest honor to which any Aslan can aspire. The 29 meet continuously on Kuzu to adjudicate interclan disputes and decide matters of group policy. No member of the 29 speaks for the Hierate as a whole, nor does the whole 29.

There are no Hierate military forces; each clan has its own, and they rarely act in concert with those of other clans. The Hierate itself can call upon military forces only insofar as the clans themselves agree to provide such forces. Even the minor forces conveying the 29's decisions are actually under the control of individual clan leaders.

Dulinor the Usurper shot and killed the Aslan ambassador from the Yerlyaruiwo clan at the same time he murdered the late emperor; this sparked Aslan reprisals in the rimward border of Trojan Reach Sector and the Solomani Rim. Officially, however, these scattered border hostilities do not constitute a state of war between the divided Imperium and the Aslan Hierate.

cf. Aslan Border Wars. -ld IE