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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

The science of mapping interstellar space.

Basic to any science of mapping is a coordinate system. The system used by the imperium is based on rings of longitude, rays of latitude, and parsecs. Rays of latitude extend from the galactic core, while concentric rings of longitude are placed at one parsec intervals.

By convention, the concentric ring passing through Reference/Capital is labelled the 10,000th ring, and is used as a baseline. Similarly, the ray of latitude extending from the center of the Galaxy through Reference/Capital is designated as the first ray.

Measurement is in parsecs, counting in the trailing direction. Computation reveals that the circumference of the 10,000th ring (r=10,000) is 62,832 parsecs. Counting spinward uses a subtraction from 62,833, which is the equivalent of the zero baseline.

For example, Regina (Spinward Marches), is 9930 ring/ray 62723. The format for expression of location is xxxx ring/ray yyyyy, where xxxx is the ring of longitude (distance from the galactic core in parsecs), and yyyyy is the distance of the ray of latitude (in parsecs) from the first ray of lati