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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Battle Dress

Battle Dress

The ultimate in individual protection, battle dress is a powered, strength-enhancing exoskeletal suit, surrounded by a carapace of multiple-layered synthetic armour. It is an advanced version of combat armour.

An in-built IR-masking system selectively bleeds heat to match background radiation, effectively rendering the wearer invisible to IR sensors. In a cold environment, the suit stores heat internally until this compromises operator safety, at which point the on-board computer advises the operator to seek a safe place to dump the waste heat.

A chameleon surface covers the outer armour, allowing it to change colour on operator command. Standard patterns include arctic, city, desert, forest, jungle and space, although others can be programmed into the suit.

Integral power-packs last for days and the life-support systems provide a sealed, self-sufficient environment for a minimum of 12 hours. Battle dress enhances the strength and senses of individuals wearing it with variable feedback controls, servo-powered limbs, and various kinds of electronic assistance. The individual wearing battle dress is effectively doubled in strength and given unlimited endurance (for lifting, carrying and fighting purposes; not for wounds received). The user can adjust the strength to the situation (up to a max UPP of 30), but only experienced operators (Battle Dress 2+) can use this feature without damaging the manipulated object, or even the suit.

Zero-friction bearings and sound-suppression equipment built into the system make this imposing machine eerily quiet (the user receives a DM of +2 for surprise).

A standard combat package includes a continental-range directional/scrambled communicator, a tactical battle computer (to manage targets, provide current situation displays, and handle communications to a co-ordinating tac computer), and an advanced sensor package (heads- up targeting, IR and LI telescopic visor, micro/macro viewing, and remote televiewing from other sources).

Modular add-ons include grav "belt", extended life support (up to 36 hours), and an ECM module. Some suits (generally assault suits) include armoured chest plates, drop capsule fittings, and smoke and prismatic aerosol dispensers.

No weapons are integral, but a visible computer socket/link is placed on the chest front at the right and left shoulders where a rifle would normally be placed. This allows modular weapons to be linked with the suit. Weapons are chosen to suit the type of mission. Typical weaponry includes a removable arm-mounted laser carbine or rifle, along with one of the following: gauss rifle; RAM grenade launcher; PGMP-13 or PGMP-14; FGMP-14 or FGMP-15; or a tac nuke launcher.

A special version of battle dress (Type D) exists for Dolphins.

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