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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Famous leader of the Interstellar Confederacy. Born in -269 as prince of Keplo (1322 Core), at age 23 he became head of the planetary government and served on the Confederacy Council.

Violently opposed to the politics of Baron Rolf von Toerbach of Protalus (0128 Core), Beau-Ta-Quitala was elected Chamberlain of the Confederacy in -239.

Immediately, Baron Rolf von Toerbach's representatives withdrew from the Confederacy Council. Simultaneously with the withdrawal from the Council, rebels commanded by Baron Rolf von Toerbach attacked Sketola (0622 Core), starting the Civil War.

Shortly after the Civil War, in -236, Beau-Ta-Quitala resigned from his post as Chamberlain of the Confederacy.

Beau-Ta-Quitala remained popular throughout the Confederacy in the years that followed. In -181, his personal cruiser Regal Voyager disappeared while enroute from Keplo to the Confederacy capitol on Sketola.

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