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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Beauregard, Argon Kevin

Captain Argon Kevin Beauregard

Generally held to be responsible for the defeat of the Empress Marava in the Battle of Sulgami (620) , by Ivan , who was subsequently proclaimed Emperor.

Beauregard was commanding a Fleet Carrier in the Reserve Division when, through enemy action, command of the division passed to him owing to seniority. When a large force of Ivan's Strike Cruisers broke through the main line, Beauregard jumped his ship to safety and left the Division temporarily leaderless. Marava's position became untenable, and she ordered a wholesale retreat. Beauregard afterward claimed he had undergone a "religious experience" during the battle, and wisely chose to quit the Imperium before an organised pursuit could be mounted.

Though connected with certain acts of piracy along the Outrim Void, his final destination and fate remain mysteries.

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