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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Bellham (Core)

Bellham (Core)


Bellham (1838 Core D989620-7): The inhabitants of Bellham (which some Solomani call Bedlam) are the only humans of the Imperium who intuitively understand the K'kree herd instinct, because their planetary culture allows no privacy at all. A desire to be alone for any purpose whatsoever is looked on as pathological.

The climate is subtropical year-round in the settled areas, which encourages the free-style architecture, without walls or doors, which the inhabitants prefer. Visitors naturally find this very trying and usually retreat to their ships when they wish to have privacy. But even stranger than the absence of walls and doors in the architecture is the absence of discretion in speech. Bellhamites are taught from birth to say anything and everything that they are thinking or feeling. Not only is a gathering of Bellhamites cacophonous, but tact is virtually unknown.

This culture has not made Bellhamites popular away from their own world, either, but they care very little about that. Few Bellhamites understand the concept of tact. Apparently conditioned by the barrage from their fellow citizens, Bellhamites seem to have very "thick skins" and often fail to notice other people's hurt feelings.

The tech level of Bellham has been steadily decreasing since it was first catalogued. Some researchers maintain that privacy is a necessity for creative thought and warn that Bellham will continue to go downhill if a new cultural influence does not gain ascendancy.

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