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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Edged and pointed melee weapons were once the most common weapon used, having their heyday in low-tech wars. Today, they are often relegated to the roles of tools. Still, they can be handy as improvised weapons versus unarmored foes, particularly among starship crews, who value them as a means to repel boarders without risking serious damage to the ship itself.

A dagger is a TL1 weapon requiring use of the Short Blade skill. Its cost is Cr50, and it masses 0.25 kg. Ground combat range for its use is Contact for hand-to-hand strikes, or the weapon can be thrown.

A broadsword is a TL1 weapon requiring use of the Long Blade skill Its cost is Cr675, and it masses 2.5 kg. Its ground combat range is Contact, and it cannot be thrown with any accuracy.

Ref: T4-Traveller Rulebook 1,