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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Chemical sprays have long been outlawed on the Imperial core homeworld as incapacitation agents. In their place, there is blur.

People who wouldn't think of carrying a weapon often have no qualms about blurring an assailant, although its use in commission of a crime carries added penalties.

Blur is an intense topical anesthetic, and a spray to the exposed flesh will almost instantly deaden all sensation. Hands will drop weapons, attacks become uncoordinated, deadened legs lose balance, etc. In addition, face hits will often cause severe sensory distortion, hence the nickname of the spray. Blur usually has an indelible skin dye for easy identification of an attacker.

A small can of blur costs about Cr25. High-end models for the security conscious have a small flashlight and bargain-basement comm unit built-in, any use of the blur taking a picture of what was aimed at and sending it to the police. More restrictive localities insist on use of this model rather than any others; it costs about Cr100. In either case, a can is good for about 10 sprays before it needs to be replaced.

Blur is a TL 11 item, using Pistol skill to hit. It has a cost of Cr25 and a mass of 0.2 kg. For purposes of ground combat, it is treated as a single-shot weapon with a range of Contact (maximum range of Very Short) and a damage rating of 1. One can holds 10 shots.

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