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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Intelligent xenophobic minor race native to the world of Divad (Sinta / Corridor 2238), descended from carnivore/killer stock. Physically, the Brinn look like Terran crabs or spiders, but have ten limbs.

The six hindmost limbs are thicker and provide locomotion. Each ends in a set of strong grasping claws. While useless in combat, they provide excellent traction on rough terrain.

The leading four limbs are manipulatory. The first pair are slender and terminate in manipulatory hands, each of which is made up of four fingers and two thumbs. These are similar enough to human hands to permit the use of many pieces of human equipment without modification or unusual difficulty. The second set of limbs is heavier and each end in a trio of sharp talons. These are the primary close combat weapons of the Brinn. The talons are quite sharp and the great strength of the arms makes them deadly.

A large bump (the dorsal sense cluster) rises from the centre of the back, and serves as the primary sense organ. Six eyes around it provide 360 degree vision. Brin eyesight is primarily in the infra-red but is limited in visual light. Also in the dorsal cluster is the Brinn repiratory system and sense of smell. The outer surface of the cluster contains a vibrational sensor. It is not sensitive in the air, but when placed against the ground, it picks up vibration through the ground. Brinn converse by settling on the ground and thrumming with their legs. A heated argument involves much stomping!

Brinn were contacted by the First Imperium and eagerly accepted membership into the Ziru Sirka. However, the Rule of Man established a military government to keep the natives under control. The mutual co-operation of the First Imperium was replaced by violence, ordered by military despots of the Second. The Brinn broke free in the Long Night and managed to drive the humans from their system.

Their campaign of expansion included bombarding human worlds with small asteroids and nuclear weapons. However, their ships had been claimed from the fallen Second Imperium, and the Brinn could not repair them. Neighbouring human cultures were able to drive the Brinn back into their home system.

The Pacification Campaigns forced the Brinn to join the Third Imperium. The Brinn were again under foreign domination. During the Civil War, they attempted to throw off their human masters via a rebellion. Subsequent Imperial counterstrikes decimated the Brinn fleet, and their system was recaptured. It was discovered that the Brinn had killed every human left on the planet when the Imperium withdrew. The Brinn have been under military rule since the recapture of their system.

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