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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Carried Squadrons

A carried squadron is a group of naval vessels which operate as a unit, and which are transported to their destination by carriers or tenders. Beyond this general term, specific squadron types are identified by their makeup and mission.

When the majority of the carried craft are fighters in the ten to fifty-ton range, the transporting ship is a fleet carrier. The craft make up Fighter Squadrons.

When the transporting ship also contains larger craft equipped for assaults on worlds, the ship is a strike carrier. The carried craft operate as Fighter Squadrons and Assault Squadrons.

When the transporting ship is in the 200,000+ ton range, and the carried ships are in the 10,000+ ton range, the mother ship is a battle tender. The carried squadrons are known as Battle Squadrons, made up of battle riders.

The points of greatest danger to carried squadrons are immediately prior to jump (when the craft or ships have been recalled) and just after returning to normal space (when the craft have not yet been launched).

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