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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Standard unit of currency of the Third Imperium. Abbreviated as Cred, or more commonly Cr.

Higher denominations are in common use, <li>KCr - 1 Kilo Credit = 1,000 Cr <li>MCr - 1 Mega Credit = 1,000 K Cr = 1,000,000 Cr </ul>

Lower denominations do exist, but are of regional issue, and non-negotiable within other jurisdictions throughout the Imperium.

The Credit is to be found in several forms throughout the Imperium, often used as an electronic unit of monetary transfer, many citizens have credit chips which contain electronic Credits. These can take the form of small cards which interface with standard terminals, or in extreme cases as embedded circuitry implanted within citizens.

Due to the physical nature of communication throughout known space, hard currency is still very common.

Imperial cash (usually only seen on low tech worlds, and in deals of questionable legality) is available in fixed denominations: the unit, the double and the quintet. These denominations are available at each multiple often Credits (or colours) eg: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000... etc.

The money is physically made up of a silica-plastic sandwich (called a 'plac'). Its appearance is of a plain plastic card, about the size of a Credit Card. Each multiple of 10 Credits is coloured differently (up to the Mega Credit) and has the value printed on it in white, with a white grid pattern as a background.

Colours are as follows: <ul> <li>Yellow: Single Credits. <li>Orange: Tens of Credits. <li>Green: Hundredsof Credits. <li>Red: Thousands of Credits. <li>Blue: Tensofthousandsof Credits. <li>Purple: Hundredsofthousandsof Credits. <li>Black: Millionsof Credits (The Mega Credit). </ul>

Because of the widespread use of hard currency and the vast space covered by the Imperium and it's neighbors, tracking the flow of monetary transactions is next to impossible; shady dealings and criminal financial transactions still prosper in an environment where money cannot be traced and is easy to launder.

Currency issued under Imperial warrant, which has been granted to several of the Mega- Corporations, and local authorities may issue local currencies at their own discretion. On some worlds use of Imperial currency outside of the spaceport is an offence, and for various reasons - many of which are purely superficial or political - travelers must convert Imperial currency into local tender before carrying out any local transactions.

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