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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Domain of Deneb


Imperial sector containing 385 systems lying beyond the Great Rift; named for the sector's brightest star, Deneb.

Fragmentary settlement occurred by Vilani and Vargr near the end of the First Imperium. Major development only took place after Third Imperium IISS explorations located major resource worlds.

Primarily Imperial, the border runs just within the coreward edge of the Sector, and a few Vargr systems lie beyond the border.



Deneb (1925 Deneb) B-796955-B

Deneb is the capital of the Deneb Sector. It is an average-sized world with a dense atmosphere tainted with the by-products of its extensive industrialisation.

Of the 6 billion inhabitants in the system, just over 5 billion live on Deneb itself. The remainder live elsewhere in the system, on various planetary or moon-based cities.

Technicians are the ruling class on the world. They are distinct from the Duke of Deneb , an Imperial official and head of the sector government. The local government of Deneb must answer to the Duke on Imperial matters.

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