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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Denebian Spotted Fever

Denebian Spotted Fever

A mutated virus of high communicability and frequently devastating effects. The disease is transmitted by carriers who are themselves generally immune to it; they may suffer a slight illness after being exposed but recover quickly. The disease may then lie dormant for some time until triggered by environmental factors. These factors have not yet been identified with certainty, but would appear to be connected with life in artificial environments (shipboard living, asteroid or domed colony life).

Those who contract the disease will come down with it after 1-6 days. Symptoms include nausea, high fever, delirium, and an outbreak of dark red spots on the face, torso, hands and arms. The disease can rage for up to 12 days, depending on the level of attending medical expertise. Once a person has had the disease, however, he or she will be subject to recurrence every so often. Relapses last less than a week.

SuSAG has recently developed a pharmaceutical called GC96/B, specifically to combat Denebian Spotted Fever. This limits the initial fever to a period of three days or less. Doses must be kept refrigerated prior to use as temperatures above 50 degrees C cause the drug to break down rapidly into a worthless, inert substance.

Originally encountered on Deneb (Usani / Deneb 1925), outbreaks of the virus have occurred throughout the Domain of Deneb .