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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Dinom (Lanth / Spinward Marches 1811) is a small airless world in far orbit around the central star of the Dinom system. The planet's polar axis extends toward the central star (and will for another 200 years); the northern hemisphere is in constant light, while the southern hemisphere is in constant night. The equator is a zone of constant twilight and moderate temperatures. Gravity is about 0.20 G.

Dinom's star is a very large, very bright giant visible throughout the subsector, and would not normally have planets. Dinom itself is a rogue planet, originally a satellite of the system's gas giant. It is now trapped in the trojan position of that gas giant, and trails the giant in its orbit around the star.Dinom's population of 230,000 is concentrated in three large cities (Rhylan, Medianne, and Napan) which house ore-processing centres. Each city is governed by a board of directors answering to the shareholder-owners (who number about 10 per city) of the ore-processing centres. Token representation for non-shareholders is also provided. The three cities send representatives to Rhylan for the World Board, which also has representation (abount 10%) for the non-city dwellers. The Board is responsible for interstellar relations, system defence, industrial production, and Imperial contact.

UPP: D-100535-A Ni Va 201Im A4 III.

Ref: DBLADV-2, 1106