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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Duchy Of Oasis

Duchy of Oasis

The Duchy of Oasis is an alliance of worlds dating back to the obscure times of the Long Night. It includes 44 worlds of Oasis and Wolf subsectors within Zarushagar sector. When the expanding Third Imperium came upon the Duchy, these worlds were reluctant to join the new empire. They believed that their worlds did not need any outside help. After much economic and political pressure, Cleon 's ambassadors finally managed to coax the worlds of the Duchy to become Imperial member worlds. Many worlds of the old Duchy were never completely happy with Imperial rule, and during the Ilelish Rebellion in the 400's, the Duchy tried to declare its independence once again. Emperor Martin III swiftly brought massive Imperial forces to bear, and the worlds reluctantly backed down. They had little choice in the matter, since their only other option was possible widespread destruction of their systems. His bloodless victory secure, Martin III also ordered the Oasis subsector capital moved to Megalmatree (Oasis / Zarushagar 2826), and Oasis (Oasis / Zarushagar 3130) was stripped of all political power at the Imperial level. Ref: DIGEST-21, 1120

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