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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Dulinor, Astrin Ilethian
Archduke of Ilelish (1104- )

Archduke Dulinor was born in 1066 on the world of Dlan (Dlan / Ilelish 1021). He rose to the highest levels of the nobility in the Domain of Ilelish with the approval and support of the Emperor. Dulinor was elevated to the position of Archduke by Strephon in 1104, an action opposed by many of the nobility.

As Archduke, he is building a strong reputation for himself in the sectors of Ilelish and Zarushagar.

Refs: MT-REBEL, 1104

Dulinor I

Born in 1066 on Dlan/Ilelish, Archduke Dulinor Astrin llethian assumed the Iridium Throne of the Third Imperium in 1116.

Dulinor realized the Imperium would never regain its glory unless Strephon stepped down. In 11 15, Dulinor asked Strephon to abdicate, but the emperor refused; the archduke realized that drastic measures were in order.

On 132-1116, Dulinor killed Strephon Alkhalikoi in personal combat, as required by custom, and ascended the throne as Dulinor I, Emperor of the Third Imperium.

The old regime has acted to impede Dulinor

Refs: MT-REBEL, 1104

Archduke Dulinor

Born in 1066 on Dlan/llelish, Archduke Dulinor Astrin llethian assassinated Emperor Strephon thus reviving the

Refs: MT-REBEL, 1104