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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


Earleatrais "Referee" or "judge" (from the Trokh language). A male Aslan appointed from a neutral clan to provide impartial rulings.

In the Aslan Hierate, crimes with victims are resolved by the appointing of an earleatrais, who considers all of the available evidence and makes his rulings accordingly.

Ritual duelling also employs an earleatrais in order to ensure that the Ktyuikeasiyyorl ("The Words Under Which We Die") is followed to the letter. The is the "code duello" of the Aslan, and sets out all aspects of the ensuing combat.

The most honourable role of an earleatrais is to oversee a ritual clan war between other clans. The appointment of an earleatrais always brings great honour to the clan to which he belongs. Even more honour can be gained if the earleatrais renders a decision which is not only fair, but allows each side in the dispute to walk away with as much pride and honour as possible.

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