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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Extraterritoriality (shortened to extrality or just XT) is the concept of a piece of ground within a sovereign state being legally the teritory of another, distant state.

A national embassy and its grounds are the best-known example. When someone steps through the gate of an Imperial embassy, he is standing on Imperial soil, although the rest of the world around him usually will be under local domain.

In the same way, Imperial starports on non-Imperial worlds are part of the Imperium, and within the starport boundaries - the XT Line - Imperial law replaces all planetary law, or lack thereof. Even a starport on an Imperial world has an XT Line; though the world already should be enforcing all Imperial law, it usually will have thousands of its own laws that do not apply on purely Imperial property.

This conflict of jurisprudence across the XT Line will be likely to be the source of the port director's most complicated and delicate problems.

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