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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Imperial MegaCorporation

Unlike other manufacturers, G Sb AG (popularly known as "Gas-bag") has restricted itself almost exclusively to the manufacture of starships since its earliest known existence. Its products command extremely high prices, but the quality justifies the price. G Sb AG is one of two firms charged with the manufacture of the personal vessels of the Imperial family, and is a major contractor for the Imperial military.

According to company propaganda, the company was founded in -2438 from a consortium of old Terran manufacturing firms. In actual fact, there is no concrete evidence of the corporation's existence prior to a contract with the Sylean Federation Navy in -334.

Stock ownership: Imperial family 4%; Hortalez et Cie, LIC 19%; noble families 44%; other corporations 13%; public 4%; other 16%.

Refs: SUPP-8, 1107