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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
GURPS Traveller

Variant of Traveller using GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System).

Published by Steve Jackson Games, in a divergent Traveller Timeline where the assination of Strephon by Dulinor and the subsequent Rebellion did not happen; so the Third Imperium continues to thrive after 1116.

Much reference material still applies to the Third Imperium prior to the rebellion, these are still great sourcebooks no matter which version of Traveller, or in which timeline you are playing.

With the latest release of Interstellar Wars, a 4th edition GURPS book, the reference material contained herein is great for all Travellers from whatever timestream.


+ GURPS Basic Set: Characters (4e)
+ GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns (4e)
+ GURPS Space(4e)

GURPS Traveller 2e (GT) (6600)
+ GURPS Traveller 2e (Hardback) (GT) (6602)
+ Interstellar Wars (GURPS/4e) (#01-2401)
GURPS Traveller GM's Screen

xGURPS Lite (01-1004) (Download/PDF)
xGURPS 4e Update (Download/PDF)

Behind the Claw (6601) (Out of Print)
Far Trader (6606)
First In (6605) (Out of Print)
Ground Forces (6614)
Heroes 1 - Bounty Hunters (6880)
Humaniti (6623)
Modular Cutter (#SJG6616)
+ Nobles (6624)
+ Rim of Fire (6615)
+ Star Mercs (6604)
+ Starports (6610)
Starships (6613)
+ Sword Worlds (6631)

Alien Modules
Alien Races 1
Alien Races 2
Alien Races 3
+ Alien Races 4 (6609)

Deck Plans
+ DP-1: Beowulf Class Free Trader (6617)
+ DP-2: Modular Cutter (6620)
+ DP-3: Empress Marava Class Far Trader (6621)
+ DP-4: Assault Cutter (6622)
+ DP-5: Sulieman Class Scout/Courier (7505)
+ DP-6: Dragon-Class System Defense Boat (7506)

Planetary Surveys
PS-1: Kamsii (6801)
PS-2: Denuli (6802)
PS-3: Granicus (6803)
PS-4: Glisten (6804)
PS-5: Tobibak (6805)
PS-6: Darkmoon (6806)

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