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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


The official language of the Third Imperium, being a modern Imperial dialect of Anglic.

Abbreviation of the term Galactic Anglic.

On many worlds, Galanglic is only a second language used for system traffic control, commercial operations, and interstellar communications.

The Imperium has not been able to prevent the emergence of a variety of Anglic dialects. Interstellar communications, holcrystals, and recordings help to spread a uniform pronounciation of Galanglic througout the Imperium.

Within the Imperium, any Anglic speaker can understand almost any other, but isolated communities on worlds with little contact with the interstellar trade lanes shift their speech patterns to form dialects.

Broad areas in the Imperium have established their own pronunciation patterns. Accepted dialects include Rim (which includes Terra (1827 Solomani Rim)), Core (in the central region of the Imperium), Riftian (at the spinward frontiers), and Transform (in the Antares region.)

Ref: MT-PLAYERS, 1120