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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Grand Tour

A major feature of noble life is a custom known as the Grand Tour.

After completing their basic educadon, the children of the Imperial nobility are encouraged to experience as many of the diverse cultures within the Third Imperium as possible.

In practical terms, of course, a person could travel for decades across the Imperium without fully expenencing even the major cultures. A small number of people succumb to "Rapture of the Jump" and spend their entire lives travelling, abandoning career, responsibilities, and heritage.

The purpose of the Grand Tour is to expose the young noble to a variety of societies and cultures, and instill in him the cosmopolitan attitude necessary for his role in Imperial society.

It is widely believed that the Grand Tour brings out a person's true character. Wise parents often send a trusted sub-ordinate to observe and report their offspring's behavior. A certain level of exuberance is natural in youth newly released from the "bonds" of the educational system, but the heir to a high title who makes his Grand Tour nothing more than a five-year party is liable to find his situation altered upon his retum home.

Refs: GT-Nobles