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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Hive Federation

Human term for the loose interstellar community dominated by the Hivers; Hive Confederation is also sometimes used.

The Hivers have only one culture and one language; the Hiver genotype (with individual variations similar in degree to differences between individual Humans of the same race) is also constant. The Federation government (if such a term is applicable) is mostly concerned with maintaining the uniformity of the Hiver culture and species. This is accomplished by frequent reproductive embassies from one planet to another.

Members of many different nests will shake hands with everyone nearby in a sort of farewell party and will then board a large embassy ship bound for a far-off world. Once there, they will meet with as many people as possible, shaking hands and exchanging news, art, gossip, scientific information, political views, and so on for about a year. They will then return home for another year-long round of parties, discussions, and hand