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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future


minor race

Intelligent minor race descended from intermittent/gatherer stock native to the world Vrirhlanz (unplaced, Vargr Extents). Humanoid in shape, the Hlanssai average 2.1m tall, but are only 55 to 60kg in weight, making them tall and slender. Their bodies are 50% fur-covered; their most striking visual feature is their head, with its two large eyes and two even larger ears. Hlanssai intelligence was the product of the need to analyse and comprehend the sensory data gathered through their acute senses. As a result, their psychology is oriented towards immediate sensual awareness. Their philosophy is generally sensualistic, frequently dismissive of the long term, and notoriously sybaritic and hedonistic. Response is given to a situation, with no thought as to the long-term consequences - and often, therefore, dramatically. Beyond the Vargr Extents, the Hlanssai are widely seen as enigmatic, unstable, intelligent and interesting; Hlanssai attitudes toward other races vary, but generally involve curiosity mixed with ironic humour.

Ref: JTAS-22,