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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Imperial Currency

Despite the desire to eliminate physical currency, the Imperium still issues 'paper' notes and coins, though it is actually the Mega-Corporations that actually issue the currency on behalf og the Imperium.

The current issue are designed to be difficult to counterfeit, long lasting and convenient to carry.

Money is in three non-electronic media: Coins, Bills and Certificates (Also called super-bills).

Coins: Denominations of Cr 1-5 are in the forms of superdense plastic with embedded anti-counterfeit technologies and of varying color. Each has holographic portrait of a particular Emperor on the obverse, with the denomination on the reverse. There is also a raised number of dots indicating the denomination and the value of the coin is inscribed around the rim.

The Cr10 and C20 coins are being phased out. These are alloy metal struck coins with holographic engraving on the obverse. As well as all the other standard features of the plastic coins.

Bills: Are constructed of a special plastic laminate that remains clean and has a very long use life. Bills are almost impossible to tear, won't burn and have a wide number of anti-counterfeiting technologies. The bills have been standardized at 0.01x7x17cm. Each bill weighs 1 gram. Value is denoted by color, face printing and tactile impressions. Bills have a holographic portrait of an Emperor in the left 1/3 of the obverse.

Cerificates or 'super-bills', as they are also known, are a standard 10x20cm, with extensive anti-counterfeiting technologies embedded in them. They are rarely circulated and are used primarily for bank to bank transfers. They are scheduled to be phased out in the year 1153.

Certificates are being replaced with letters of credit and other negotiable instruments like bearer bonds.

Descriptions of Issues c.1105