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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Imperial Weapon Permits

Violent crime is not unheard of in the lmperium. Far from it. Crimes of passion and stupidity continue to occur, and there is legal precedent that mandates that individuals have a right of self-defense. In law, this is interpreted as the force needed to subdue or incapacitate an attacker if there is no other viable option.

To exercise this right of self-defense with a weapon requires a permit, which is actually nothing more than a file-tag on your Universal. Usually, such a permit requires basic familiarity with the weapon or device in question (any skill level above the default), and no criminal background that would indicate abuse of this weapon.

All civilian ranged weapons have a microcam built in, which takes a picture every time the gun is fired. This is not normally downloaded by the authorities, nor does it send out any signals.

However, in the event of a possible criminal investigation, this evidence may serve to exonerate the user. On the other hand, deactivating the camera before use of the weapon may tend to imply guilt.

Imperium government buildings do not allow civilians to enter with weapons, despite permits, but other public structures or places of business cannot restrict this. The exception is that a person never has to allow another with a weapon into his home, unless the arms bearer is acting under military or police authority.

Ref: T4-Traveller Rulebook 1