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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Jihad Of Faarzgaen

Jihad Of Faarzgaen

Shortly after the secession of the Llaeghskath Interacterate, the Jihad of Faarzgaen was established directly to Trailing. Beginning as a harsh and cruel yet popular religious autocracy on Faarzgaen (0704 Provence), the religion soon spread to several adjacent worlds. By late 1115, the Jihad encompassed eight worlds in the Llaezgaen and Vorvoun Subsectors. Some had pined willingly, others after bloody invasions.

The enmity between Faarzgaen and Llaeghanrgh - the Interacterate capital - stems from a religious source. Llaegharrgh (0604 Provence), a tech level 16 world, represents everything the Faarzgaen religion despises - technology and scientific thought. This enmity has turned the Jihad into one of the most hateful, destructive governments in the history of the Vargr Extents.

Even the Jihad's own citizens are brutally oppressed; unbelievers are publicly executed. The inhabitants of Ghaez-Larrgh (0803 Provence), caught in the midst of Jihad territory, were subjected to massive executions and enslavement - the world's population has dropped 75 percent in six years.

The Faarzgaen religion (URP 500030-9) centers around a single god (also known as Faarzgaen) who actively guides the lives of his adherents. Faarzgaen chooses how and when they should live, die, eat, sleep, and conduct themselves. Followers know that Faarzgaen is communicating with them whenever they feel they should do something. If they're hungry, Faarzgaen wants them to eat; if they want to murder someone, Faarzgaen wants that person killed

Worshipers of Faarzgaen believe themselves to be the true believers of the true faith; therefore, they see themselves as the only ones fit to rule the universe. Heresy (a Faarzgaen name for free thinking) and lapses in devotion are punishable by death. Believers actively spread their religion by forcing it on others by violence and strict oppression. Any world not a member of the Jihad must be converted or crushed into submission.

The religion and the Jihad are run by seven overlords, called Kafaarzgaenae. The Kafaarzgaenae have complete control over their worlds, and they decide policy for the Jihad as a body.

In order to attain the rank of Kafaarzgaen, a priest must meet a number of requirements - most violent and unwholesome. A priest desiring the office must also "arrange" a vacancy among the Kafaangaenae. Such assassination attempts prompt the seven autocrats to live in impenetrable fortresses. Nevertheless, dozens of attempts are made on the life of each Kafaarzgaen yearly. Since 1114, there have been nearly thirty such leaders.

The Jihad military is divided into four branches: the Navy, Army, Rhaarzgour, and Faarzgaerrnra. The roles of the first two branches are self-explanatory. The Rhaarzgour is the Jihad's secret police force, charged with conducting espionage and terrorist activities against infidel-worlds. (Interestingly, all seven of the current Kafaarzgaenae were once Rhaarzgour officers.)

The Faarzgaerrnra are an elite group of suicide troops. Their loyalty is forcibly ensured: If they succeed in their missions, they are held up - posthumously, of course - as great heroes; if they fail, their names are slandered as traitors and their families are killed.

The Jihad government does provide minimal necessities for its citizens, but free commerce and the possession of money is forbidden. Possession of luxury or entertainment items is a capital offense. Interstellar trade is non-existent. Mercenaries and off-world shipyards are paid in "hard assets," including gold, diamonds, Lanthanum, and slaves from Ghaez-Larrgh.

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