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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Jump Troops

Jump Troops

aka Drop Troops
Specially trained units assigned to planetary invasions. Jump troops (also known as drop troops) are inserted into planetary atmospheres from orbit, free-falling to the ground in individual re-entry drop capsules.

Speed and shock are the best weapons of jump troops. Their sudden arrival only a minute after they appear as a meteor shower in the sky can cause surprise and chaos in even the best of opposing units. Jump troops are usually used to secure landing zones before the main invasion forces arrive. The LZ can be a starport or just a patch of open ground, but the task of the jump troop force is to secure the perimeter and wait for reinforcements.

The other main use for jump troops is in commando raids on specific objectives; for example, fire control sensors for a deep meson gun site, or economic targets such as a starport or power station. Once the mission is over, the troops are quickly extracted by assault shuttle.

Jump troops are relatively lightly-armed infantry, generally equipped with battle dress and whatever support weapons can be man-carried. They need quick reinforcement by regular line units, heavy weapons and armour before thay are overwhelmed by counter-attacks. Note that all Imperial Marines are drop-trained, along with specialised units of the Imperial Army.

Four types of drop capsule are available: basic drop capsules, combat assault capsules, advanced combat assault capsules, and decoy capsules.

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