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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Major Race

The Centaurs (they call themselves K'kree) are among the most massive of the major races, and are the only examples of the major races to be descended from herbivores.

An adult Centaur stands about 1.5 meters at the shoulder and between 2.0 and 2.4 meters tall when standing erect. Weight averages 550 kilograms. They are bilateratly symmetrical, hexapedal, and homeothermic. They bear some resemblance to the centaurs of ancient Terran myth, a trait noted by the earliest explorers.

Centaurs are extremely conservative in all aspects of their culture. Ceremonial military units (such as bodyguards) are armed with equipment which K'kree military technology outdated centuries ago, and (aside from modifications made necessary by the discovery of spaceflight) K'kree government has not changed significantly in centuries.

Because of their plains origins, the Centaurs are claustrophobes; they cannot stand to be enclosed.

Centaur cities a clumps of low, broad, transparent domes, the buildings inside never more than one story in height and open to the sky. Internal building divisions are achieved with curtains or tapestries.