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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Kuzu/Kilane 0406 - A876986-E T Hi In G.
Kilrai' / Dark Nebula 1919

Kusyu is the homeworld of the Aslan and capital of the Aslan Hierate. Its name comes from the Trokh word for "motherland" or "home". All of the 29 Tlaukhu clans (and about 300 others) have landholds on Kusyu. Aslan consider land on Kusyu especially valuable, and clans gain both power and status from their landholds on Kusyu.

Kusyu has three major continents, two of which straddle the equator. Several large archipelagoes lie off the continents' shores. North and south polar ice-caps, anchored by island groups, cover about 15% of the total world surface.

Kusyu has no capital, per se. Each clan has its own hyufteirlerye - the word refers to a meeting place and could be translated as "city" - but there is no one city or administrative centre which speaks for the entire planet. Individual cities are identified with specific clans, and each clan large enough to control several such cities generally has one htahyu, a "first place" where judgements are made, challenges accepted, and the records kept. The Tlaukhu ("Council of the Twenty-nine") meets periodically at agreed-upon sites in rotation.

Kusyu is often spelled "Kuzu" in Galanglic.

Authority: ADV-3, 1106; ALIENS-1, 1111; MT-ALIENS2, 1120