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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Laskan, Chanis

Professor Chanis Laskan

Professor of History at the Regina Centre For Research, Regina (1910 Spinward Marches).

Professor Laskan (born 237-1058) was educated at the University Of Regina, obtaining degrees in Linguistics and Vilani History.

He acquired a nervous disorder during field work on Andory (0206 Spinward Marches), which has confined him to a wheelchair.

Author of Discourses on Comparative Linguisto-Archeologocal Discoveries (1096), The First Imperium: Expansion and Consolidation (1100), and The First Imperium: The Long Peace (1105).

Professor Laskan is reputed to be working on a history of the decline of the First Imperium.

Refs: SKY-TRAIL, 1108