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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
League Of Antares

The League of Antares is an autonomous region within the Imperium, consisting of 12 worlds - although not including Antares (2421 Antares) itself.

The worlds were originally pressed into the Imperium in 89 during the Antarean Pacification Campaign. The worlds were occupied by the Julian Protectorate during the Julian War. When regained by the Imperium at the end of that war, the peace terms included a mandate that the League of Antares be given limited autonomy for control of trade, commerce, and internal affairs.

The autonomy of the League of Antares served as a model for the later establishment of the Solomani Autonomous Region.

See also, Bzrk, Archduke of Antares.

Ref: MT-ENCYC, 1120