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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Lisiani, Arian

Lisiani, Arian

Captain Arian Lisiani began her career in the Imperial Navy in 220, joining the Flight Branch as a graduate of the prestigious Imperial School on Sylea (Core / Core 2118). Her early career achievements were mixed. After distinguishing herself in the discovery and assimilation of some border states of Ilelish sector, she was cashiered for insubordination during hostilities with the Aslan. Lisiani was reinstated after intervention by Admiral Voseyevski, a classmate at the Imperial School.

Lisiani distinguished herself in exploits during the Aslan Border Wars. As a Captain temporarily commanding a pursuit squadron, she directed forces in the relief of Warinir (Edge / Daibei 0517) after it was occupied by an Aslan expedition. The relief was successful, and the Aslan were driven from the system. Lisiani personally commanded the cruiser which diverted the main Aslan fleet away from Warinir ; with her ship severely damaged, she managed to close on the Aslan command ship and destroy it before she was herself destroyed.

Arian Lisiani was awarded the Starburst for Extreme Heroism posthumously. There has been a ship in the Imperial Navy named for her continuously since 345. The current vessel is a 5000-ton P. F. Sloan-class Fleet Escort, built in 1037 at Mora (Mora / Spinward Marches 3124).

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