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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
MAE Lines

MAE Lines Founded by Marcus Erechs in 966 with one ship, MAE has grown to become the second largest passenger and shipping conglomerate in the Domain that is not an Imperial megacorporation. While holding considerable lucrative contracts within Imperial space, MAE's fortunes are made among the worlds they lie outside Imperial space. Magneto Dynamics, Inc Established in 1040 with an Imperial charter and a mineral exploitation grant for Fulacin (Rhylanor / Spinward Marches 2613). The corporation holds several patents for the recovery of precious and heavy metals from atmospheric and oceanic suspension, and originally obtained its position on Fulacin for the use of these properties. Following the severe economic downturn associated with the False War (1082 to 1084), the company encountered a cash slowdown, and suspended operations for a period. In 1089, an influx of capital allowed the company to resume operations. In partial support of this new era, the company also established a large starport facility (currently class A minus) with construction and overhaul facilities to 10,000 tons. The starport was completed in 1099. Magneto Dynamics' exploration grant expires in 1199, with a renewability clause for an additional 100 years upon demonstration of efficient and profitable operations. Stock Ownership: Spinward nobility, 8%; Imperial Family, 2%; large corporations, 34%; investment trusts, 46%; public (individuals), 8%. Authority: ADV-3, 1106