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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Matarishan Federation

A short-lived, twice attempted try for a stable nation by refugees fleeing the collapse of the Rule of Man. Established in -1770, by -1550 no member of the Federation had any functional starships, effectively bringing an end to the nation-state. Based on Shanape (1023) called Matarishan by the local inhabitants.

After recontact in -27, the Federation once again attempted to re-establish itself, only to be caught between the Luriani Protectorate and the Sydymic Empire. Worlds in the subsector changed hands between the Federation, the Protectorate, and the Empire every few years until the Imperium finally absorbed the region in 648. The subsector remains to this day a trouble spot in the sector, the inhabitants bitterly resenting the Imperial annexation, with occasional periods of open rebellion not uncommon.