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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

This is a professional paramedic kit for situations where a hospital is unlikely to be available. It includes a diagnostic computer, which can read the vital signs of the patient (human, alien, or even animal, with the appropriate chip), access medical information from his comm, and do basic non-invasive internal scanning (thermal, ultrasound, X-ray), with computer-analyzed 3-D graphics. With blood samples, it can also do basic bloodwork and identify foreign compounds in the bloodstream.

The kit also includes basic supplies of stimulants, sedatives, antibiotics, metabolic enhancers, and (as a last resort) metabolic reducers which can slow the life processes (and degenerative symptoms), allowing a chance to get the patient to a cryoberth or full medical facility.

A medkit (TL8) weighs about 8 kilograms and costs about Cr1,000. Aside from the prescription drugs, these kits are available on the open market. Full medkit drug supplies are available to any individual with professional medical training.

Authority: T4-Traveller Rulebook 1