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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

Each variant of the game has been set in different periods of future history, some rule-sets adopting more than one period as optional eras of play.

Some eras have not been (nor do we expect them to be) officially documented by Traveller products in full detail.

Time EraRulesets
-- Ziru Sirka (1st Imperium)
-- Interstellar WarsGURPS Traveller (4e) (GT4)
-- Rule Of Man (2nd Imperium)
0 Milieu 0Marc Miller's Traveller (T4)
650+Consolidation WarsTraveller 5
993 MilleniumTraveller:20 (T20)
1105 Classic EraClassic Traveller (CT)
1116 Rebellion EraMega Traveller (MT)
1130 Golden Era (Alt) GURPS Traveller (GT)
1200 The New EraTraveller: The New Era (TNE)
1248 TNE:1248 (4th Imperium)T20

Of course adapting each rule-set, and playing in another era is commonplace, after all this is science-fiction adventure in any far future that you choose.