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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future



Mithril (Sword Worlds / Spinward Marches 1628) is an average-sized world on the border of the Imperium and Sword Worlds Confederation. It measures 8000 km in diameter, maintains a standard atmosphere, and has water covering 80% of the world surface. In actuality, the water which covers the surface of Mithril is mostly ice; ice-caps cover both poles, and much of the continental land mass is under a mantle of ice and snow. Mithril's temperature rarely rises above freezing.

Mithril is listed in the directories as having no population, government, or law level; this is not entirely true. Mithril is one of the group of so-called Metal Worlds: Iron (Sword Worlds / Spinward Marches 1626), Bronze (Sword Worlds / Spinward Marches 1627), Steel (Sword Worlds / Spinward Marches 1529) and Mithril. These worlds are being held in reserve by the Sword Worlds Confederation for future development. A rudimentary starport (type E, little more than an administration building next to a paved area) is maintained on-planet, along with a port warden responsible for establishing Sword Worlds sovereignty. The normal population for the world is thus closer to two or three; government is very low-profile, the local law level generally consisting of restrictions on behaviour within the administration building.

UPP: E-568000-0 Lo Ba Ni 301Bw F4 D. Ref: DBLADV-2, 1106

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