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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Moroyanga, Asak

Asak Moroyanga (818-881)

An Imperial physicist, Moroyanga is today known for both his eccentricity and his dubious breakthroughs in temporal physics.

While employed at the Jumpspace Institute in his early thirties, Moroyanga became convinced that the fundamental concepts of time were hidden within the principles governing Jump Space.

He dedicated his life to discovering those concepts and their applications. Moroyanga died under mysterious circumstances while involved in classified work for the Imperial Navy. A closed hearing dismissed foul play as the cause, but rumors of Moroyanga's assassination still circulate.

Although Moroyanga's research was purely theoretical, the sector government of Deneb was intrigued with its potential. Research Station Zeta at Pashus (Zeng/Deneb 1432) was opened in 885 to continue Moroyanga's work.

Ref: HIW Gm, 1120