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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future

A licensed brand, primarily of foodstuffs, and lately clothing, marketed throughout the Imperium.

First released in the core sectors of the Imperium c.1037, OK7 was at first a fruit & water based beverage in seven different flavours.

As the brand name was licensed for use throughout the Imperium regional tastes dictated that the 'seven' flavours of the brand were a different seven flavours in various parts of the Imperium. The original doppleberry flavour, arguably the least popular flavour in the core - but still a good product - was never marketed in the Solomani Rim, where it was replaced by 'grapefuit'.

The OK7 brand was bought out by a subsidiary of Makhidkarun in 1074 after a thirty-seven year run as an independent brand.

With the might of a Mega-corporate marketing department behind it, the brand expanded into hot-drinks, again seven flavours and then sandwiches and muffins.

Within several years a series of casual T-shirts were launched, followed by a complete designer clothes collection. Making OK7 one of the most well known brands that stretch across the whole Imperium.

Refs: IMTU 1105