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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Old Cleon's Olives

by Ken Murphy

These are large olives, usually blue-green, but occasionally reaching into the purple-black range, which have been "hand-stuffed with love" (like it says right there on the label) with various extremely 'hot' peppers into a 4 litre jar, where they soak in a very up-scale, very high-octane Vermouth for a year-and-a-day before being deemed ready for sale to the public.

While generally encountered sitting individually, skewered on a toothpick, in alcoholic drinks of one form or another, simply eating a few of these by themselves can have a pretty marked effect on someone.

The jar's label has a grim-looking image of Cleon I on it; the gray of his hair at the temples, as well as his prominent, heavy handlebar mustache are worked in silver-leaf, and his well-known fez and Robes of Office are worked in red crushed-velvet. The label's overall design has a decidedly Solomani/Terra/Middle-Eastern theme, Cleon being a native of Najd (A666AC9-F, Outer Rim 0104) after all.

An advisory along the bottom of the label warns the infirm, and those with ocular implants to avoid consuming this product entirely; a most vehement proscription further warns against attempting to drink the jar's Vermouth. These warnings are routinely scoffed at and ignored.

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