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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Php Wiki Administration

!!! This works only if you are logged in as ADMIN. Go to to log-in.
Go to http://t20.local/library/admin.php to log-in.


! ZIP files of database

ZIP Snapshot : contains only the latest versions

ZIP Dump : contains all archived versions

These links lead to zip files, generated on the fly, which contain the most recent versions of all pages in the Php Wiki. The pages are stored, one per file, as MIME (RFC2045) e-mail (RFC822) messages, with the content type application/x-phpwiki for the snapshot and content type multipart/mixed for the dump. In the latter case, there is one subpart (with type application/x-phpwiki) for each version of the page (in chronological order). The message body contains the page text, while the page meta-data is included as parameters in the Content-Type: header field.


! Load / Dump Serialized Pages

Here you can load or dump pages of your Wiki into a directory of your choice.



Pages will be written out as "serialized" strings of a PHP associative array, meaning they will not be human readable. If the directory does not exist Php Wiki will try to create one for you. Ensure that your server has write permissions to the directory!



If you have dumped a set of pages from Php Wiki, you can reload them here. Note that pages in your database will be overwritten; thus, if you dumped your Front Page when you load it from this form it will overwrite the one in your database now. If you want to be selective just delete the pages from the directory you don't want to load.