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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Porozlo, Battle of


The Zhodani thrust (in the Third Frontier War) via Vilis and Lanth subsectors to Rhylanor ( Rhylanor / Spinward Marches 2716) met a known problem - Rhylanor has no gas giant, but does have a strong naval base. Neighbouring Porozlo ( Rhylanor / Spinward Marches 2715) had a gas giant for quick refuelling, and also possessed a naval base of potential use to invading naval forces.

The battle began when a single large Zhodani task force appeared off Porozlo's primary; it proceeded directly to the larger of the two gas giants in the system. The local naval base reacted immediately, even admirably, considering that there was no warning of Zhodani this far from the front lines. However, as the first Zhodani task force refuelled, portions of it engaged the local defences, occupying them as a second task force appeared and drove straight for Porozlo. The threat of action against the planetary defences & facilities prompted the world organisation to declare Porozlo an open world. Naval forces either surrendered or jumped to safety at Rhylanor.

The fall of Porozlo gave the Zhodani a supporting base for their seige of Rhylanor . Ships could easily refuel at the gas giant, jump-1 parsec to Rhylanor for raids, attacks, or blockade patrols, and still have enough fuel to jump back to Porozlo where a class A starport and the captured naval base stood ready to repair any damage immediately.

The naval defences of Porozlo have been strengthened considerably since 986.

Authority: ADV-3, 1106