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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
RPG Software

GRiP! is the Generic Role-playing for Internet Players from It's a multimedia communication tool designed to allow referees and players to organise and exchange their game information real-time on-line.

You can download the free player's module here, and then install this update over the top of it.

PC Gen

A character creation and DM's management tool for the d20 system rules, although there is no direct support for T20(yet!) - there is a third party add-on that does the job - at least in part - until the official group adds the data files for Traveller 20. It's written in Java, so it's cross-platform, and it's open source - if you like that kind of thing.

Visit their web-site at

Campaign Cartographer

Mapped with Pro-Fantasy Campaign Cartographer, a commercial map drawing program, and a selection of add-ons that make drawing fantasy, modern and sci-fi maps and diagrams so much easier.

It's not exactly cheap, but I believe the software worth every penny. If you're going to buy it click through this link "Profantasy Software" and I get commission <grin>. Some maps and deckplans, coming soon to this site will be drawn using CC3+ and their Cosmographer Sci-Fi add-on.

Lots of free drawings in CC format are also available on the net, there is a free CC viewer available too.