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Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far Future
Repatriation Bond

A repatriation bond is a document guaranteeing passage of an individual to a specified location upon completion of contract work or upon suspension of contract work for any reason.

Repatriation bonds are guarantees given as inducements to workers who might otherwise be wary of leaving their own worlds with no assurances that they could return. They are most commonly used by mercenary units.

Repatriation bonds are usually administered by a large financial institution which holds the necessary funds in escrow.

A sample repatriation bond card is shown here. The bonding agent shown is Hortalez et Cie, one of the most reputable bonding agents. The possessor can expect that the card will be honoured without delay or problem. The card is sufficient to get the bearer to a place of safety, and then off the stated world (to one of the destination worlds) without additional expense. It need only be presented at the world's starport.

Example of a Bond Card